Thanks for coming to my site. I started doing stand up in Washington DC under the pseudonym"Kyle Martin" but now I'm going by my real name instead. It's liberating and I didn't even have to change my wardrobe or cut my balls off to do it. Those belong to my wife!.....Ok I'm gonna go walk into traffic.

I live in Los Angeles now and have been performing on cool alt shows like UnCabaret, Josh and Josh, and the Comedy Palace and been lucky enough to perform on booked shows at the Comedy Store, Ice House, and Nerdmelt. I've also gotten to do some of the worst shows in my life. I tell myself that they are character building rather than soul crushing.

Maybe you've seen me at a festival or two. I've done Tig Notaro's Bentzen BallLaugh Your Asheville Off, and most recently Broke LA and the 202 Comedy Festival. Other comics I've worked with who are a big deal include: Chelsea Peretti, Kyle Kinane, Brian Posehn, Jon Lovitz, Ahmed Ahmed, Rory Scovel, Donnel Rawlings, Joe List, Myq Kaplan, Sean Patton, Aparna Nancherla, Seaton Smith, and Jermaine Fowler. I hope to someday be at a level where none of this is worth bragging about. You can help me get there. Follow me on the social links below.